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Frequently Asked Questions
Who can carry out the repair?
Owners of Galaxy devices for S20, S21, S22, Galaxy Book Pro 15 inch and Galaxy Book Pro 360 15 inch models can access the repair manuals and supporting material, so that they can make an informed decision whether to proceed with a self-repair or contact Samsung Care to initiate the repair service.
What do I need to carry out repairs?
You can find everything you need in this webshop: parts, tools and step-by-step repair manuals.
Do customers have to pair new parts with their Samsung telephones?
Customers do not have to enter their IMEI or pair new components with their devices.
Do these repairs affect the warranty?
Samsung repair parts are covered by a limited 90-day warranty from the date of purchase. If you keep or retain the part or parts, you accept Samsung's general terms and conditions, including the arbitration agreement. Consult the Samsung warranty for questions about the warranty of the device.
Who do I contact if the device does not work after self-repair?
Contact Samsung Care for professional repair services. Find a Samsung Service Center near you.
What do I do if the phone has a swollen battery?
Please do not try and repair your telephone if it has a swollen battery. You can determine if a battery is swollen by means of a visual inspection, noting that a swollen battery is physically separating from the back of the device. You can go to any Samsung Authorized Location to repair or dispose of a device with a damaged or swollen battery or a swollen battery component. Do not send swollen or damaged batteries by post or other shipping method.
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